6 Tips for Moving Without Breaking the Bank

6 Tips for Moving Without Breaking the Bank

Changing house is always stressful, especially if there is a concern that this event may put quite a large dent in the budget!

Thankfully, with careful planning, you can both reduce your anxiety regarding this important life change and the cost of the entire operation. Here are our 6 tips. 

Reduce Your Moving Time

Before the Big Day

It’s simple but true: the longer it takes the movers to get you into your new home or the longer you have the rental truck in your possession, the higher the bill. To shorten the moving process—and thus lower your costs—start planning!

For example, donate or sell belongings that you don’t use anymore and that you have no intention of bringing along with you. On the eve or morning of the move, get a head start on your day by unplugging appliances, dismantling beds, taking down mirrors and artwork from the walls, removing your furnishing’s doors, shelves and drawers, etc. These simple things can save you major time and money.

When You Arrive at Your New House

In addition to getting the place you are leaving ready, remember to plan for your arrival to your new home. Do you need to reserve the elevator? Is there parking available? Does your furniture easily fit through the stairwells and the rooms’ doorways? Are all your boxes and furnishings clearly identified? Again, the objective here is to reduce the amount of mover or rental truck time you will have to pay for.

Don’t Move on July 1rst

It’s a well-known fact that in Quebec, 10 to 15% of households move during the July 1rst weekend. Professional and amateur movers, trucks and even pizza delivery drivers become scarce around this date. It is not rare for the fees to rise accordingly at this time of the year.  

You will, therefore, pay a premium to move on this day. You may also struggle to reserve a rental truck or a team of movers. If you can, choose an earlier or later moving date to take advantage of lower rates.

Pack Your Own Boxes

Only rely on professionals for the big stuff. By boxing up your belongings yourself, you can further reduce your movers’ bill. Even if you have called on your friends for assistance instead, you will still have to spring for beer and pizza as a thank you! So, carry out this task on your own.

Amass Your Materials (Cheaply)

By planning in advance of the big day, you will have time to assemble your necessary materials on the cheap. Boxes are essential, of course, but so are newspapers to wrap up your dishes as well as bubble wrap and even egg cartons for smaller items like jewelry.

All this can easily be found for free at grocery and big-box stores. There is no need to purchase this material at the hardware store!

Don’t Skimp on Quality 

Do you know what can be very expensive? Hiring an unqualified moving company that will damage your furniture or scratch your new floors. Instead, opt for a reputable company, especially if you own valuable items or furnishings requiring specialist moving services, like a piano. Make sure the company has insurance in case of accidents.

It is likewise recommended that you do not let any mover handle very precious objects, such as antiques. Moreover, you should obtain several quotes before choosing a moving service and carefully read the contract to avoid any unpleasant surprises. 

Negotiate With Your Providers

Your service providers, such as for internet and cable, can give you a discount to retain you as a customer, even though you are changing your address. For instance, in return for your past loyalty, request that they reconnect you to the network at no cost. If they are unwilling to do so, look for the best price from competitors.

As you can see, there are many options besides asking friends and family for help to save on moving day!

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